Crypto license in Poland

Necessary documents for the registration of crypto company in Poland

To start with the design of the crypto project in Poland, you will need such documents: notarized with apostille copy of the national passport and passport of the director/ founder of the company and registration documents – we take care of the preparation. From the customer will also need several variants of the company name – we will check the registry, whether the provided names are free.  Registration documents under the apostille are prepared for an additional fee: extract from the state. register in Polish under the apostille – 350 euros and charter in Polish under the apostille – 350 euros.

Procedure of obtaining crypto license in Poland

Preparation of documents for remote registration, two electronic signatures (EDS will be required for each of the founders/directors, additional EDS 250 euros). Payment of all State fees related to the registration of a legal entity. Preparation of initial declarations to the Revenue Service and the beneficiary register. Legal address and mailbox rental service for 1 year. Remote receipt of EDS is possible through the confirmation of signature at the Polish Consulate. The Polish tax number will be required to submit an electronic application through the ePUAP public services platform. If it is a matter of remote receiving of PESEL, the procedure includes: translation of a certified copy of the director’s passport under the apostille (if the document is certified by a foreign notary instead of the Polish consulate) – performed in Poland. Express delivery of a document confirming receipt of the PESEL tax number to the client. Terms of receiving PESEL are up to 30 days from the moment of submission of original documents + translations by the client. You must then report to the Polish Consulate for the purpose of activating ePUAP. You should take a passport and confirmation of receipt of tax number PESEL.


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